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BIOSCOPE du 12/09/2018



The Big Night In Returns This Saturday.

The Gospel According To Andre
Starts This Saturday.

André Leon Talley has been a fixture in the world of fashion for so long that it’s difficult to imagine a time when he wasn’t defining the boundaries of great style. Kate Novack’s intimate portrait, The Gospel According to André takes viewers on an emotional journey from André’s roots growing up in the segregated Jim Crow South to become one of the most influential tastemakers and fashion curators of our times.

Novack’s film draws fascinating, heretofore unexplored connections, between the elegance of André’s beloved grandmother and the Black Church of his youth and his later iconic, barrier-breaking work at publications like Women’s Wear Dailyand Vogue. Weaving together a wealth of archival footage from the most glamorous moments in fashion history with André’s poignant reflections on his life and career, The Gospel According to André is a cinematic monument to one of the most unique figures of 20th Century American culture.

Featuring commentary from fashion luminaries including Anna Wintour, Marc Jacobs and Tom Ford, The Gospel According to André is an indispensable addition to the growing canon of fashion documentary. 


This Week at The Bioscope
Tue 11 Sep: Looking For Love 8pm
Wed 12 Sep: Looking For Love 6pm 8pm
Thurs 13 Sep: Looking For Love 8pm
Fri 14 Sep: Closed For A Private Event 7pm
Sat 15 Sep: The Gospel According to Andre 2pm 4pm 6pm The Big Night In 8pm 
Sun 16 Sep: The Gospel According To Andre 1pm 3pm, Bowling For Columbine 5pm 7:30pm
Mon 17 Sep: The Gospel According To Andre 6pm
Tue 18 Sep:  Bowling For Columbine 6pm, The Gospel According To Andre 8pm
Continues This Week
Looking For Love

Directed by: Adze Ugah / Comedy / 1h30min

A single, unaccomplished Zulu woman must find ‘THE ONE’ in the pitiless concrete jungle that is Jo’burg, before she turns 40. Following a disastrous drunken display at her younger sister’s wedding, BUYI DUBE (38) has her parents worried that she’s wasting her life working at meaningless jobs. They insist that she takes her head out of the clouds and focus on finding herself a good man and settling down. Goofing around was fine at 20, even 30, but Buyi’s almost 40. Buyi is absolutely guttered.

Buyi returns from KwaZulu-Natal feeling deflated about her love life. Where the hell is a heavier set, black woman going to find a man in South Africa? Desperate, Buyi reluctantly allows her sexy, best friend, LINDI (36), to help find her a man from her exclusive “man market”.

Between questionable concoctions, a quirky magician with a cat obsession and a sex addict that can’t get enough of a big butt, Buyi quickly loses hope of finding he match. Meanwhile, GREG, an old schoolmate from Buyi’s past, who is in love with her, comes to town with the aim of making Buyi a star comedian as her manager. But, Buyi’s on a mission to find a man, besides … she’s not funny! Inappropriate yes, but not funny … or is she?
A hilariously, heart-warming story of acceptance and hope; LOOKING FOR LOVE follows one woman’s journey to learning that the path to finding Mr Right starts with finding herself first.

Starts This Sunday
Special Screenings of: Bowling For Columbine

With the upcoming release of Michael Moore's Fahrenheit 11/9, let's journey back to the seminal Bowling For Columbine, Moore's acclaimed look at America's gun culture in the wake of the school shooting that first rocked the world.

With the growing frustration that nothing might have ever changed since this film, this thought provoking documentary might be more relevant now than ever before.
Directed by: Michael Moore / Documentary, Crime, Drama / 2hrs

Political documentary filmmaker Michael Moore explores the circumstances that lead to the 1999 Columbine High School massacre and, more broadly, the proliferation of guns and the high homicide rate in America. In his trademark provocative fashion, Moore accosts Kmart corporate employees and pleads with them to stop selling bullets, investigates why Canada doesn't have the same excessive rate of gun violence and questions actor Charlton Heston on his support of the National Rifle Association.

This Saturday.
The Big Night In: The Goonies (1985)

'The Big Night In' is The Bioscope's new night of cheesy movies and all-you-can-eat pizza! That's right, from the moment the film starts, until the credits, we will keep bringing the cheesy goodness into the cinema! All you have to do is take from our staff and share the love around. 

This is one for all those not looking to go out and be all fancy. This is that night in, where it was just you, a group of your friends, a bad VHS copy rented that day, and enough pizza for everyone. So come comfy! We welcome blankets and pillows, and don't be afraid to come in the same clothes you can climb into bed later that night in! This is a safe space! We'll have bottomless hot chocolate for everyone in their PJs.


Tickets: R100 (Ticket includes all-you-can-eat pizza for the duration of the film only).

Directed by: Richards Donner / Adventure, Comedy, Family / 1h 54min
In order to save their home from foreclosure, a group of misfits set out to find a pirate's ancient valuable treasure.

21-24 Sep.
Festival MusicFilm

A weekend jam-packed with the best music documentaries from around the world! From classical score, to grindcore, there is something for everone!
See the full programme, synopsis and links to buy tickets below.

28 - 30 Sep.
The Jozi Film Festival

Johannesburg's longest running film festival returns for another weekend of great cinema! From local to international, short to feature length, and fiction to documentary, this diverse festival has it all. See the programme, synopsis, and links to buy tickets below.

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