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biOSCOPE du 21/01/2019


2019 Off To A Big Start!

From 19 January
This Is Congo

Directed by: Daniel McCabe / Documentary / 91min

Why is it that some countries seem to be continually mired in cyclical wars, political instability and economic crises?

The Democratic Republic of the Congo is one such a place, a mineral-rich Central African country that, over the last two decades, has seen more than five million conflict-related deaths, multiple regime changes and the wholesale impoverishment of its people. Yet though this ongoing conflict is the world’s bloodiest since WWII, little is known in the West about the players or stakes involved.


This Week at The Bioscope
Tue 15 Jan: Loving Vincent 6pm 8pm 
Wed 16 Jan: The Funs Not Over 6pm, Loving Vincent 8pm
Thurs 17 Jan: Whispering Truth 6pm, The Funs Not Over 8pm 
Fri 18 Jan: The Big Night In: 10 Things I Hate About You 8pm
Sat 19 Jan: Five Fingers For Marseilles 2pm, Inxeba 4pm, This Is Congo 6pm, Inxeba 8pm
Sun 20 Jan: This Is Congo 5pm, You've Never Seen The Film Pan's Labyrith!? 7pm
Mon 21 Jan: This is Congo 8pm
Tue 22 Jan: This Is Congo 6pm
18 Jan. 8pm.
The Big Night In: 10 Things I Hate About You (1999)

'The Big Night In' is The Bioscope's new night of cheesy movies and all-you-can-eat pizza! That's right, from the moment the film starts, until the credits, we will keep bringing the cheesy goodness into the cinema! All you have to do is take from our staff and share the love around. 

This is one for all those not looking to go out and be all fancy. This is that night in, where it was just you, a group of your friends, a bad VHS copy rented that day, and enough pizza for everyone. So come comfy! We welcome blankets and pillows, and don't be afraid to come in the same clothes you can climb into bed later that night in! This is a safe space! We'll have bottomless hot chocolate for everyone in their PJs.

Tickets: R100

*Ticket includes all-you-can-eat pizza for the duration of the film only.

Directed by: Gil Junger / Drama, Comedy, Romance / 1h 37min

Kat Stratford is beautiful, smart and quite abrasive to most of her fellow teens, meaning that she doesn't attract many boys. Unfortunately for her younger sister, Bianca, house rules say that she can't date until Kat has a boyfriend, so strings are pulled to set the dour damsel up for a romance. Soon Kat crosses paths with handsome new arrival Patrick Verona. Will Kat let her guard down enough to fall for the effortlessly charming Patrick?

20 Jan. 7pm
You've Never Seen The Film Pan's Labyrinth!?

The Bioscope is proud to bring you a new signature event that celebrates the films that some of us adore, that others might have completely missed!

If this one has passed you by, or you've always been meaning to watch it, now is your chance! If you love it and want a re-watch, we want you to bring along your friends or partners that haven't seen the film. 

If you know and love the film, tag your friends in the facebook event now. Anyone who tags friends will go into a draw before the film starts, and one winner will get themselves a new Bioscope T-shirt.
Also on the night, anyone who brings someone or people who haven't seen the film, earns themselves a FREE bucket of The Bioscope's finest popcorn!
For all those who've let this classic pass them by...
Directed by: Guillermo Del Toro / Drama, Fantasy, War / 1h 58min
In the Falangist Spain of 1944, the bookish young stepdaughter of a sadistic army officer escapes into an eerie but captivating fantasy world.

Starts 25 Jan.

From executive producer Black Coffee, and director Kagiso Lediga. MATWETWE (WIZARD) is a coming of age adventure following Lefa and Papi, best friends and recent high school graduates, on the hustle of their young lives.

Directed by: Kagiso Lediga / Adventure, Comedy, Drama / 1h 24min

Over the course of an action packed New Years Eve in the iconic township of Atteridgeville, the boys try to score a huge deal, dodge a king pin gangster and his violent minions, get the girl and ultimately save their lives in this hilarious escapade.


From 25 Jan
The Greatest Showman Sing-Along

Ladies and Gents, this is the moment you've been waiting for.

After the sold out success of the Mamma Mia, Rocky Horror and Mary Poppins Sing Alongs, The Bioscope is proud to bring this modern musical sensation back to the big screen! This is your chance to unleash those previously inhibited musical-watching urges, and finally be in a safe space to sing your favourite musical numbers at the top of your lungs! No judgies, this is you!

There will be a shot of old timey medicine* to help grease those windpipes on your way in. As well as wherever possible, we'll try to have some friends in the audience to help lead the singing and pitching!
*(not for persons under the age of 18).

Dir: Michael Gracey / Drama/Romance / 1h 46m

Inspired by the imagination of P. T. Barnum, The Greatest Showman is an original musical that celebrates the birth of show business & tells of a visionary who rose from nothing to create a spectacle that became a worldwide sensation.


30 & 31 Jan.
The Mozart Festival: Cinema Improvisando

The Johannesburg International Mozart Festival returns to The Bioscope this January. Paul Hanmer, Composer-in-Residence 2012, is back for one of our annual favourites. This year, he and his team will be improvising a soundtrack to a collection of films.

30 JAN 7:30pm. BOOK NOW. French director Georges Melies. The line-up includes The Impossible Voyage (1904), A Trip to the Moon (1902) and Conquest of the Pole (1912). Paul Hanmer (keyboard); Dan Selsick (trombone); Tlale Makhene (percussion) In association with the IFAS Culture Le Movie Club.

31 JAN 7:30pm. BOOK NOW. The second in the series of Cinema Improvisando for JIMF 2019, Paul Hanmer and his team take on Buster Keaton’s seminal work The General (1926), inspired by the Great Locomotive Chase, a true story of an event that occurred during the American Civil War. Paul Hanmer (keyboard); Dan Selsick (trombone); Tlale Makhene (percussion).